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Let Nachomama's cater your special event or get together! Call (314) 961-9110 for any questions and more information. Download Menu.

Fajita Buffet:

Chicken and or beef fajita meat, fresh peppers and onions, pico de gallo, sour cream, cheeses, fresh tortillas, shredded sweet cabbage, beans and rice.
chicken // beef // veggie

Taco Buffet:

Shredded chicken or beef, cheeses, sweet cabbage, pico de gallo or salsa, sour cream, crispy or soft shells, rice and beans.

Rotisserie Chicken Buffet:

White and dark meat served with grilled onions, beans, rice and tortillas.

Quesadilla Triangles:

Chicken, beef, portabella mushroom, or cheese with jalapenos. All come served with sour-cream sauce.
9 count cheese // 9 count chicken

Nacho Cheese Ravioli:

Cheese stuffed ravioli, breaded and fried. Served with ranchero sauce.
30 count


Chicken or beef stuffed corn tortillas, fried and served with a spicy guacamole dipping sauce.
30 count

Mexican Layer Dip:

Beans, cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream, and guacamole.
serves 30

Fajita Salad:

Chopped romaine mixed with sweet cabbage. Topped with our blend of fresh grated cheeses, pico de gallo, croutons, caramelized onions, and choice of chicken, beef or grilled vegetables.
serves 10

Chili Con Queso:

Delicious, spicy, white melted cheese with our special mixture of vegetables perfect for dipping or smothering.


Made fresh with perfectly ripened avocados and mixed with our blend of fresh ingredients.

Fresh Chips:

A colorful array of fresh tortilla chips.
15oz bags

Salsa Bar:

Made fresh daily, our salsa bar comes with 1.5oz of chips and 2 vol. oz of salsa per person and choice from a variety of salsa. Choose from mild, medium, and fire.

Substitute our famous salad with creamy peppercorn or balsamic vinaigrette dressing for beans and rice on any platter meal.

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Updated: 5.16.13